Why You Should Use a Remote Speaker Microphone for Your 2-Way Radio

For emergency workers and people whose jobs take them into loud and potentially dangerous environments, clear communication is often difficult to come by which is why most of these workers use portable two-way radios to talk to each other. At RFDI2way.com, our mission is to make sure that our customers always have the best Motorola communication devices on the market, as well as providing accessories that can make major differences in loud or dangerous situations.

That is why we?d like to talk to you about the benefits of utilizing a speaker microphone when using a portable two-way radio communication device. One product, in particular, the Motorola PMMN4050A ?Remote Speaker Microphone, has a variety of features that can be taken advantage of by workers who need to both speak and hear clearly in loud environments while keeping their hands free from holding the two-way radio device itself. This compact, yet powerful, remote speaker microphone pairs excellently with the popular Motorola XPR 7550 and XPR 7550e series, giving users a key advantage over those who don?t use the Motorola PMMN4050A .

Ease of Access

The Motorola PMMN4050A ?IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone has a coiled cord that was designed to be flexible and durable while keeping the device close to the user?s body. It also comes with a swivel clothing clip that allows the speaker microphone to attach to collars and shirts. The PMMN4050A ?also has an easy-to-use push-to-talk switch that is built into the device. What these three features mean for people working in dangerous environments or emergency situations is the ability to effectively communicate with each other while keeping their radios attached to their belts.

Durable and Safe

This powerful remote speaker microphone is not only compact, but it?s also noise canceling! The Motorola PMMN4050A Remote Speaker Microphone has IP54 enclosure, meaning it?s protected from dust, oil, and dirt, ensuring that when your on the job, you?ll never have to worry about a failing speaker mic when communicating. It?s even fairly protected from splashing water, though it cannot be fully submerged. This powerful speaker microphone is larger than most remote speaker microphones, making it easier to use while wearing gloves. It even has a 3.5mm ear jack, enabling the user to connect an earpiece for clarity when communicating discreetly.

Here at RFDI2way.com, our dedicated team proudly distributes Motorola 2-way radios and remote speaker microphones to serve our customers with products that are not only safe, but they?re also reliable in every situation. Whether you?re a firefighter that needs to stay in constant communications while entering a burning building, or working deep in a mine shaft; RFDI2way.com is here to provide the most quality Motorola two-way communication solutions on the market.

To learn more about all of the remote speaker microphones we offer, contact us today!