The Function and Importance of Call Boxes

While it may be tempting to think of call boxes as being somewhat antiquated when compared to modern phones, they are actually quite useful and even superior in certain environments to the latest Android. First, though, let?s make it clear what we mean when we talk about call boxes that sells.

What Are Call Boxes?

A call box is a device containing a special-purpose direct line telephone or other telecommunications device. Whenever you see police officers or taxi drivers speak to a central dispatch using a hand-held radio, that is a call box they are using. Call boxes were also once quite popular on highway roadsides, for use by stranded travelers. Two-way call boxes allow for integration into the majority of existing radio systems, providing direct access to anyone connected to the network.

Uses For Call Boxes

Call boxes are useful in a variety of settings. They are frequently used by the police, as well as by security teams covering college campuses and public events. Call boxes are also commonly employed by transportation and airport officials.

Another, less security-oriented use for call boxes is for communication between employees in large shopping facilities. Indeed, those who frequent large shopping outlets and malls will commonly see staff members take out their call boxes to send a message to a fellow team member elsewhere in the vicinity.

The Continued Importance Of Call Boxes

Despite the progress of contemporary technology and communication systems, call boxes remain incredibly useful, in some ways precisely because of their simplicity. Because they provide a direct line to the receiver, no number or code need be dialed when using the device. One push of a button will immediately put you in touch with your desired communicant, making call boxes ideal for emergency medical teams, security personnel, and many work environments where employees often rely on instructions from a single manager or director.

Emergency call boxes in public venues also continue to fulfill their purposes in many public places. While we don?t see them along roadsides nearly as often as we once did, they are often still retained by university campuses to be used during nighttime emergencies by campus residents, who for whatever reason may be caught without ready access to a cellphone or the needed emergency number.

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