Featured Products: Motorola XPR 3000 Series Portable Two-Way Radio

As the most effective and affordable means of warehouse communication, the Motorola XPR 3000 series of portable two-way radios has features to increase workplace productivity in every aspect.

Created with a lightweight design, both of the XPR 3300 and XPR 3500 radios were constructed to be worn comfortably throughout the day. With up to eleven and a half hours of battery life, the XPR 3000 Series can be relied on to keep workers safely in contact with one another throughout the entire day without having to swap batteries or charge their devices.

All of the Motorola XPR 3000 Series Portable Two-Way Radios offered at RFDI2way.com feature industry-leading audio quality components, such as their ability to automatically adjust themselves to background noises, which makes this series of two-way radios the perfect solution for remote communications even in the loudest workplace environments.

Each of the two-way radio models within the Motorola XPR 3000 series are the ideal entry-level radio for a single site, or for hosting communications between thousands of employees across various locations by easily linking together the receivers. With the Digital Voting option, this series of radios provides users with optimized audio connections across large areas, even in the most challenging terrains.

When the analog features of the XPR 3300 aren?t enough, users can upgrade to the XPR 3500, which sports a clear-visibility monochrome display that is easy to operate and read for all. Both of these two-way radios were thoughtfully-designed to host the vast selection of radio accessories offered at RFDI2way.com, including a wide variety of remote speaker microphones and attachment antennas.

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Our team at RFDI2way.com aims to supply individuals who work in the loudest and most dangerous environments with Motorola products of the highest quality. We provide workers with an affordable means of quick and clear communications which are not just efficient, but reliable.

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