Everything You Need For Your Security Toolkit

To provide top-notch security, security guards need proper equipment to protect the property they?ve been hired to guard. Depending on whether the guard is armed or unarmed and the type of property they are protecting, they may need special gear for the job. Some employers may provide equipment, but often guards have to purchase much of the gear on their own.

At RFDI2way.com, we understand the importance of having reliable equipment, which is why we compiled this list of basic security equipment that every guard should have in their security toolkit.


Having the right defensive equipment is essential for a security guard. Common forms of protection for a security guard include:

    • Pepper spray
    • Heavy-duty flashlight
    • Baton
    • Taser
  • Firearm

Security guards usually carry a security guard belt that makes carrying all of their pieces of equipment more accessible. Having a guard belt allows them to store essential items used to protect themselves, such as pepper spray, firearm, 2-way radio, heavy-duty flashlight, and more. Security guards never know what situation may arise, so it?s best that their protective equipment is easily accessible.


Aside from having the proper defensive equipment on hand, security guards need to be able to communicate with each other and the main security desk. Two-way communication devices allow guards to report incidents quickly. RFDI2way.com offers a wide variety of two-way communication devices and accessories. Whether they are working security for an event, retail or from a security vehicle, we have a two-way communication device perfect for any job.


Having a digital camera handy aids security guards in their reporting efforts. Cameras allow them to record suspicious activities, cars, people, and items and then review it later. Having a video record of events help guards write more detailed reports. If they ever have to testify in court, they will have video evidence of the events that took place.

First Aid

Lastly, security guards should always carry a small first aid kit. Since they never know what events may transpire, they should be prepared with a first aid kit in case they or someone else gets hurt.

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