Advantages of Having Two-Way Radios in Schools

School security is a popular topic in the United States, from the installation of specialized door locks to improving security procedures, education centers across the country are taking the necessary steps to provide their students with a safer learning environment. While all of these improvements are done in an effort to make schools safer, they won?t mean much if schools don?t have a reliable communication system in place.

At, we believe that two-way radios are an affordable solution for any education system looking to improve their daily communication and security functions. We?ve compiled this list to highlight the many benefits of having two-way radios in schools.

Provides Superior Privacy

When it comes to communicating with your staff, the traditional intercom or PA system may work well in certain situations, but when privacy, confidentiality, and speed are of the utmost importance, there are no better means of communication than a two-way radio. Two-way radios allow principals and administrative officials to communicate with their staff and security team without anyone else overhearing.

Improves Classrooms Safety

While the introduction of two-way radios didn’t happen yesterday, the way the communication devices are being used in the school setting is definitely something new. In the past, only principals and school security officers had access to radios, but now school officials are equipping their teachers with radios as well. The presence of radios in classrooms means that teachers can be notified and request help more quickly in the event of an emergency.

A Cost-Effective Solution

One common theme in the United States education sector is the lack of funding. Many schools in the country just cannot afford to waste money on ineffective communication devices. As the leading manufacturer of two-way radios, Motorola makes two-way radios at price points that can fit virtually any budget. For example, the company?s EVX Series is a high-powered radio that provides effective communication in a wide coverage area and features a long-lasting battery.

Whether it’s a routine fire drill or health scare, having a reliable means of communication can not only improve your school?s daily operations, but it can also save lives. To learn more about the Motorola EVX Series or any of our other two-way radios, please contact the team at today.