Accessories For Your Radios

Alright, so you?ve purchased your radios from They?re working beautifully, and your team finally has the equipment they have so badly needed.

However, this doesn?t mean that your radio couldn?t benefit from some more accessories. After all, things break over time, and often you can get significantly more utility out of your radio with a few added features.

Continue below to see some of the radio accessories that are offered by

Radio belt clips

Though a radio belt clip may be a very straightforward device, it is also an essential one; try carrying a radio around with you without having a convenient place to put it. Plus, despite their simplicity, they still break over time due to regular wear-and-tear.

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Radio earpieces bring a few different benefits. For one thing, they can be highly convenient in environments where much of the radio communication is only going in one direction; the individual receiving the radio messages is free from having to remove and replace the radio in their belt repeatedly.

Secondly, radio earpieces are almost indispensable for surveillance, as speaking into a radio held in your hand is not so discreet. You could even use a Bluetooth, so long as your radio supports it.

Final note: earpieces are prone to breaking, so getting replacements may also be in order.


Remote speaker mics, like earpieces, can also make your radio communications more convenient. By placing it in your lapel, you can avoid having to take out your radio for every communication you need to send. Plus, waterproof speaker mics can allow you to use your radio outside when it rains without your radio getting damaged.

Batteries offers a wide array of radio batteries, including nicad batteries, lithium batteries, and Impress from Motorola. According to your needs, can supply you with large-capacity batteries with longer life, or smaller, thinner batteries for lighter radios.

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