4 Common Two-Way Radio Mistakes

When organizing a large event, it is important that every member of the event staff is able to communicate with each other clearly. To help your event run smoothly, RFDI2way.com has put together a list of common mistakes people make when communicating via two-way radio.

Lack of Proper Training

One of the biggest mistakes event organizers make when using a two-way radio is assuming that their staff knows how to use their radios properly. While two-way radios are pretty straightforward and simple to use, modern handsets usually offer more features, which means there are more buttons and knobs your team will have to know how to operate. Giving your event staff comprehensive training on how to use their radios will help you avoid running into communication issues during your event.

Unaware of Voice Volume

Most people don?t notice, but it is important to maintain a reasonable volume to your voice when communicating over two-way radio. Speaking too quietly coupled with the background noise from your event will make it hard for other team members to hear the person talking over the radio. On top of adjusting their volume setting on their radio, team members should also try speaking clearly and at a volume that is easy to hear.

Too Much Channel Chatter

Having all of your event staff trying to communicate with each other over one radio channel can turn into a big mess. Today?s two-way radios usually offer multiple channels which work similarly to having multiple telephone lines. You should assign each one of your teams their own radio channel, so they don’t have to compete with each on one channel. Have your teams practice proper radio etiquette by using terms like ?over? and ?roger? to end and confirm messages will help to reduce interruptions in communication. Keep in mind that unless your radios have private calling capabilities, anybody who?s tuned into your channel will be able to hear your conversation.

Lack of Regular Radio Checks & Proper Storage

If you want your radios to remain reliable and function properly, it is vital that you maintain regular radio checks. You should make it a habit to regularly check the battery charge, volume and overall functionality of your two-way radios. Performing radio checks allows you to identify any issues with your radios before its time for your event. On top of maintaining regular radio checks, you should also make sure you are storing your radios properly in a cool, dry place so they can maintain optimal function.

At RFDI2way.com, we know how important it is to have reliable communication devices when organizing a large event. We carry a wide selection of two-way radios and accessories that will help your event run smoothly with clear and dependable communication. For more information on our two-way radios and accessories, please contact us at 215-245-1700.