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Today?s technology has come a long way over the last century. And even though we live in the ?golden age? of cellphones for our day-to-day communication needs, two-way radio communication provides unique advantages over consumer devices. In fact, they considerably surpass and outperform cellphones in a host of industries, businesses, and applications.

buy digital two way radiosDurability, Reliability, and Immediacy

When you buy two-way radios, their durability far exceeds that of cellphones. In fact, cellular phones are three times more likely to fail than two-way radios. Drops are cited as the most common cause of this failure, and our Motorola commercial two-way radios are constructed with the durable design that makes them the leading and most trusted name in their industry.

Another significant advantage that buying two-way radios pose over other forms of communication is their extended battery life. Emergency and critical communication shouldn’t be limited to the proximity of an electrical outlet. In some instances, Motorola commercial two-way radio batteries can last up to 17 hours, making them ideal for long work shifts. understands the need for immediacy in two-way communication. Whereas the average phone call last minutes, an average two-way radio call can be as short as 8-15 seconds. With such concise and direct communication, it?s obvious that two-way radios present the upper hand.

Ideal for a Broad Spectrum of Industries and Applications

There are a myriad of uses for effective two-way communication. These Motorola security radios online are used in a variety of business sectors, including:

Public Safety

Police, fire, emergency service providers, ambulance, disaster recovery, and first responders all rely heavily on two-way communication technology to keep them connected during the often dangerous aspects of their jobs, which is why they buy land mobile radios online.

School Security

Recent events in the last couple of decades have taught us all the importance of effective and dependable radio communication in schools. This includes outfitting not only school security personnel with this technology, but cafeteria workers, field trip volunteers, after-school program directors, and just about anyone else who is responsible for our nation’s school children. This technology is also helpful when using two-way radios for church security.

Commercial Applications

Two-way radios, also known as Land Mobile Radios, are crucial to commercial projects, especially regarding large construction projects. Road and bridge building, commercial construction, and even residential contracting all require buying digital mobile radios because of the dangerous conditions that exist in these worksites.

Heavy duty machinery, large and potentially fatal building materials, and loud and distracting noises can make a job site chaotic. Buying two-way radios are a great way to cut through the environmental clutter and create safer working conditions for employees.

Industrial Uses

Countless other businesses utilize two-way technology to streamline their workflow and safeguard their employees from harm. Transportation industries like airports and subways, utility companies, and other organizations all use and buy security radios for efficient and direct communication with each other.


Hospital staff, healthcare administrators, and hospital security also depend on buying digital two-way radios and their immediacy. Radios allow staff to improve patient care, reduce wasted time, and adjust the way they treat patients in this ever-changing and fast-paced industry.


Children’s camps also benefit from buying two-way radios and having them on hand. At some camping facilities, cellphones may be prohibited or they can be out of range and have an unreliable signal. For these reasons, buying digital two-way radios present the most trustworthy method for ensuring camper safety.


Other uses for buying security radios is for retail settings. Buying Motorola digital mobile radios can help sales associates inform one another about customer requests or inventory updates.

Buying land mobile radios online is ideal for church security. Providing church security with two-way radios can help them effectively keep the peace in this solemn setting.

Proudly Featuring Motorola Products

To properly serve and assist all the various industries, proudly features proven and trusted Motorola security radios online and radio accessories. This well-known industry name is respected around the world for their durability and performance, and it?s our honor to carry their highly-specialized products.

At, we provide the two-way radio communication solutions for your business. For more information on our products and services, or for a free quote to buy two-way radios, call us at 215-344-7528 or fill out this online form.