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Buy Motorola Radio Mics Today

With, we have everything you need when it comes to buying Motorola radio mics and radio accessories. offers remote speaker microphones, as well as ear receivers, clothing clips, and both foam and shell earbuds. We also provide radio shoulder microphones, perfect for police or security personnel.

Feel free to browse our product lines, and continue below to see just some of the different ways Motorola radio mics are utilized.

Manufacturing and Retail

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Those who work in the manufacturing industry frequently buy Motorola radio mics for use in their daily business. Remote speaker microphones can be highly useful in facilitating communication between managers and employees, whether it?s in a manufacturing plant, a shopping mall or a large grocery store. It is even common for manufacturing and retail outlets to purchase mics that can be attached to uniforms using clothing clips. Although clothing clips are often associated with security details, they can be useful in an environment where having one?s hands free is an advantage.


In educational facilities, teachers, administrators, and other personnel commonly need to communicate with one another, although they often find themselves far apart from one another on opposite sides of a large building or campus. While most schools have phones in every classroom, calls will be missed unless the teacher is near their phone at that moment. Remote speaker microphones can prove an excellent alternative to using standard phones, and are indeed becoming increasingly popular as a means of communication within educational institutions. While a high school teacher may not seem a likely customer for a device often associated with security teams, the number of educators buying Motorola radio mics might surprise you.


The method of communication within many fields has been fairly constant over the years. Two-way radios and microphones are frequently used by taxi drivers, as well as bus drivers, train conductors, those working on large cargo ships, and even airport personnel. Motorola radio mics are well-suited for contacting a dispatch, and it is not uncommon for employees in transportation industries to have mics attached to their lapels for secure, hands-free communication.

Public Safety

Radio mics are almost universally employed by public safety officials, whether they are firefighters, rescue teams, or security teams for college campuses. Despite their popularity in the public safety sector, it is not uncommon for workers in this field to have budget constraints on how much they can spend on communication equipment. Purchasing equipment through can be an excellent way for public safety employees to buy Motorola shoulder mics, lapel mics, and anything else they need without breaking their budget.

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From manufacturing to education, and from broadcasting to the hospitality industry, has the technical and system solutions workers need to do their jobs every day. Interested in buying Motorola shoulder mics or other equipment? Contact by giving us a call today at 215-344-7528, or browse our product line on our site at