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Buy Motorola Radio Clips

buy motorola radio is your place to go to buy Motorola radio clips. While it may seem like a simple thing, having the appropriate gear to be able to store your communication devices is vital to conducting your business or operation smoothly and professionally. There?s no need to settle for awkwardly-sized holders anymore. With our variety of Motorola products, customers will be sure to find the accessories they need. Continue below for a summary of just some of the Motorola belts, clips, packs, and other radio accessories that we provide our customers.

Radio Belt Clips

If you?re looking to buy Motorola radio clips, you can find what you need at Not only do our belt clips come in a variety of sizes, but we also offer uniquely heavy-duty belt clips for long-lasting endurance. Our heavy-duty belt clips are well-suited for those who work in security and public safety, as well as firefighters and others who work in demanding environments. We also offer spring action belt clips, which can be useful for those who often need to remove their radios quickly and at a moment?s notice.

Portable Radio Hangers

Our portable radio hangers are designed to hang from the inside door panel of a car or truck, allowing for easy access while operating a motor vehicle. Portable radio hangers are frequently employed in police cars, fire trucks, and rescue vehicles. They are sometimes used by taxi drivers, who commonly use Motorola radios to communicate with dispatch.

Waterproof Bags waterproof bags are meant for protecting radios and microphones. Manufactured from sturdy, durable plastic, our waterproof bags also come with fasteners to keep them sealed airtight. Waterproof bags are routinely used by those who need to carry their communication devices with them while outdoors, such as security personnel, transportation officials, and employees at manufacturing sites.

Chest Packs

Our Motorola chest packs are perfect for public safety and security personnel during standby communication mode. Besides having a holder for a radio, these packs are also capable of holding spare batteries, tools, pens, and other communication devices, all while leaving the wearer?s hands free. Our chest packs are designed for endurance and are built to be lightweight for smooth removal.

Utility Cases

Though somewhat similar to chest packs concerning function, utility cases are worn on belts around the waist, not unlike fanny packs. Our utility cases are excellent for those who need to carry communication devices and other tools, but who do not need to wear their radios on their chest. Capable of holding radios, cell phones, and small tools, our utility cases often prove useful to mechanics and maintenance personnel.

Get Your Radio Accessories with is your source for Motorola communication devices and Motorola accessories, carrying a broad array of belts, clips, hangers, and loops. Whether you need to buy Motorola radio clips or waterproof bags, you can find them at Place your order to by calling 215-344-7528.